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The Forthcoming Jilt


The culture wars collide in The Forthcoming Jilt, the brash, disturbing, satirical, and genuine poetic-prose memoir of Tim Bratkowski, America's oldest and foremost baby boomer. His rise from poverty and loneliness is chronicled from Tim's disconsolate childhood, wayward adolescent, secular demagogue, impassioned spokesperson for godless disciples, and, egregiously, errant seducer of forsaken wives and mothers. At the age 72, this redoubtable anti-hero rails against topics, personal and public, including life versus death, the stench of the political right, the cowardice of the limousine left, and the need that feeds Bratkowski's psyche for, "Hauling spit through paradise seeking other losers' mates." Profound, honest, biting, and fascinating, The Forthcoming Jilt is a roller-coaster ride to savor and ponder.

"She swore she wanted a partner with morals and manners. Should I give her notice I can do that?  I guess I could, but I'm never quittin' whoever I am."

Tim Bratkowski


'"I could see, hear, and taste my chagrin, an infatuation with an attentive and delicate charmer one-quarter my age."

Tim Bratkowski

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